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Jan 20, 2015

When you’re preparing the nursery, of course you want everything to be perfect. And that includes creating a space that’s healthy too. These days, this means more than simply searching consumer reviews to find the safest car seats, strollers, baby carriers, high chairs, and toys. Creating and also maintaining a healthier space for your baby […]

Dec 16, 2014

                  Stomach bug? Annoying sinus infection? You don’t have time for this. Wouldn’t you rather take time off from work to catch up on last minute holiday preparations and feel well instead? Get unsick… During the holidays, more people get sick because colder weather forces us indoors, […]

Dec 10, 2014

We are exposed to many toxic chemicals, both naturally and man-made.  We inhale them in the air we breathe,  swallow them in the contaminated water we drink, and absorb them through the skin while bathing.  Various chemicals can be found on the surfaces within our homes due to household cleaners or from manufactured products. It’s […]

Nov 18, 2014

                      When was the last time you had your dryer vent cleaned?  Not sure if it is important?  If you ask any of the 15,000 homeowners last year that lost their home due to a dryer vent fire, I think they would disagree… Many people religiously […]