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Oct 09, 2014

Do you ever just have a feeling something in your home is making you and your family sick? Want your home to contribute to your health, performance and well-being? Come by and visit us at the New Life Expo in NYC October 17-19. Toomas will be discussing the connection between the indoor environment and how it relates to human health and development. Learn how to create […]

Sep 12, 2014

                        We all know that too much moisture can be a breeding ground for mold. Did you know that mold can cause a big problem in your home that could lead to potential health risks? The good news is that this can be controlled! […]

Aug 28, 2014

                    One of the best ways to make sure your child is staying healthy throughout the day at school is to make a healthy lunch they can be excited about. Here are 4 easy choices you can make toward a greener and healthier lunchbox your child […]

Jul 24, 2014

                          Pool chemicals are toxic. Chlorine and other chemicals react with organic matter to form hundreds of disinfection by-products that have been linked to asthma, allergies, and even cancer. Many people make the switch to salt water pools thinking it will be safer. Unfortunately, this […]