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5 Ways To Create A Healthier Environment for Baby

January 20th, 2015 by Annette


When you’re preparing the nursery, of course you want everything to be perfect. And that includes creating a space that’s healthy too. These days, this means more than simply searching consumer reviews to find the safest car seats, strollers, baby carriers, high chairs, and toys. Creating and also maintaining a healthier space for your baby involves taking a good look at your indoor environment.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can make your home and baby’s nursery healthier and safer. We’ve put together a quick guide to help guide create a healthier environment for baby that promotes health and keeps baby happy. Even making one small change towards a healthier home can have a huge impact on your child’s life.


The EPA reports that indoor air can be 2-5 times more polluted than the air outside. This can occur for a number of reasons. For instance, your home may lack adequate ventilation and fresh airflow, which means that airborne allergens can be trapped and re-circulated throughout the rooms of your home, including your baby’s nursery. Alternatively, your indoor air may contain higher traces of VOCs (volatile Organic Compounds) resulting from those chemical spray cleaners or air fresheners you may like to use. Whatever the cause, it’s important to remove these pollutants from the air. For help in identifying specific allergens in your environment so you can remove them more effectively, consider a 48 hour air assessment.


Keep your baby happy and restful! Many nurseries are often too dry in the wintertime, which can lead to bloody noses, sore throats, dry skin and cause respiratory issues. In the summertime, the air usually becomes too humid, which can spawn musty odors and mold problems, encourage the spread of dust mites and other pests. Make sure you maintain the EPA’s recommended indoor humidity level of 45 to 50 percent.


Help your baby sleep better. When your baby’s nursery is either too hot or too cold, it’s much more difficult for him or her to fall and stay asleep. Typically, newborns have a more difficult time staying warm, so it is imperative that your baby’s environment stays at a comfortable sleeping temperature.


Don’t wait until the last minute to paint the nursery, fresh paints are a source of (volatile Organic Compounds), which are toxic gas emissions linked to a host of health problems. According to the EPA, short-term exposure to VOCs can cause eye, nose, and throat irritation as well as headaches, loss of coordination, and nausea. Long-term exposure to VOCs has been known to cause damage to the liver, kidney, and the central nervous system and even lead to cancer. Be sure paint your nursery well ahead of your baby’s arrival to provide ample time for ventilating the room to remove noxious fumes and gases and prevent adverse health effects. To relieve some of the stress surrounding painting the nursery as well as to protect yourself and your baby from toxic fumes, you can use low-VOC and no-VOC paints and consider our hydroxyl air cleanup service which is the best solution for eliminating odors, purifying the air, and decontaminating surfaces and contents.


Clean often and invest in a good vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter and clean your carpet as often as you can. If your vacuum doesn’t have this filter, it may suck up Barbie shoes and Legos but not the grit and grime that you can’t see. Instead it will redistribute the dirt around the room and in other parts of the house. If you choose to use a professional cleaning service, always look for a company that uses toxin-free and fragrance-free GREEN cleaning solutions like Teresa’s Family Cleaning.


Create a healthier environment for baby-schedule a 48 hour air assessment to test your home’s air TODAY!

We have the tools for measuring the toxicity and other dangers in your home. We carefully inspect and improve your home’s AIR, WATER and SURFACE quality so

you and your family can live in a home that promotes health…not sickness.

Contact a healthEhabitats Environmental Expert or call us at 1.877.861.3662 to schedule a healthEhome evaluation to test your home’s air, water and surface quality.

logoDROPonlyAt healthEhabitats we believe homes should promote health and that begins with knowledge. We are committed to providing you with the best services, products and resources to help improve the quality and comfort of your indoor environment. We offer a variety of products and services including air purifiers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, water filtration systems, sanitizing programs and more. Our helpful environmental experts are happy to provide you with a consultation along with an in-home evaluation to match the right products to your needs.

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